Tips to sell your property easily

You do not sell or rent a property every day and must therefore be thought through. Does this inspire your fear? Then turn on a real estate agent. Do you prefer it yourself or do you want to save costs? Then we would like to give you five practical tips for a smooth sale.

Sketch a correct image

When you buy or rent your property, you have to convince people to come and have a look. This is best done by sketching a picture of the house that is as correct as possible. Take pen and paper and list enough information: How many (sleeping) rooms do you have and how big are they? What is the total living and surface area? When the building was built and last renovated? Is there a garden, terrace, garage or parking available?

A prospective buyer / tenant not only wants information about the house or apartment itself, he also wants to get an idea of ​​the environment. After all, a home near a (bus) station can be attractive to someone who commutes to work. Even green areas in the neighborhood, shops or schools are often important points that a possible new resident may pay attention to. The disclosure of your address details can certainly contribute to this, but if you prefer not to do so, you can also describe the location of the property.

Determine a realistic price

A person looking for a new home will set a certain maximum amount and will make a first selection of houses based on this. A correct pricing is therefore extremely important. The right price is the price someone is willing to pay for your home. Unfortunately, this does not always correspond with what you would like to get. After all, the new future resident does not yet have the same emotional bond with the home as you and will therefore look at it differently.

The latter makes a realistic price estimate just as difficult. Therefore try to assess your home as objectively as possible when determining the asking price. An estimate of a house or apartment is mainly based on the location, size, condition and type of the building. To a lesser extent, extra comfort is taken into account, such as solar panels or a swimming pool.

Make beautiful photos

Take the time to take photos to present your house or apartment. Photos provide a first (good) impression on the potential buyer / tenant. People will be quicker to see your ad and the house when they see beautiful pictures. The best real estate shots are those that breathe space and light.

You create space by cleaning up indoors and outdoors. Put all small and personal accessories in the cupboard. You try to arrange the furniture in such a way that it offers open and smooth access to every room. Light is then obtained by letting the shutters open, opening the curtains and lighting lamps or candles. To get even lighter into your home, you can best take the pictures during the day.

Prepare the viewings

When prospective buyer / tenants apply for a visit, try to invite them all in quick succession, the house seems to be in great demand. Choose carefully the moment of the viewings. For example, show your home when the light is optimal or when your noisy neighbors are not at home.

Well in advance and put away valuable and personal belongings. Avoid stale odors by ventilating well in advance. Make the home cozy. Add some mood lighting, just let (smell) candles burn, place a flower on the table or put a fresh pot of coffee.