10 Secrets to selling the house faster

Ten tips to get the house sold faster, especially in times when home sales are getting tougher.

No matter how perfect the house is inside. The buyer judges the house just before entering the door. If they have a house, all the exterior from the garden, gates, hedges … everything must be impeccable. In the case of an apartment, they should have a nice carpet at the entrance, a neutral but friendly lighting, and the first division that receives the impeccably presented buyers with a fresh aroma without forgetting to put a jar of natural flowers in the entrance, not there is nothing more welcoming.

Putting the house up for sale at the right price

Before putting the house up for sale try to know how much the house is worth and then cut about 15% of the value. They will usually receive many price proposals that may include sales percentages or agencies that want to entice the house to be included in that agency. If they have the guts to cut the house, they’ll sell it much faster.


After location, good lighting is something that is highly valued when buying a home. Remove the curtains, clean the windows well, change the bulbs to light bulbs, but strong; and if you have a garden, do not forget to put it impeccably especially the part that you see from the windows of the house. It is very important that the house is bright and cheerful, it will be much more easily sold.

Choose a good agency

A good way to sell the house is to hire a good real estate agency or a good real estate agent. Make sure they give all the necessary information to the agent and that your house will stop to the list of the agency, its windows and the website of the real estate agency.

Do not empty the cabinets completely

Usually housekeeping is one of the factors that those looking for a new home are extremely important. Take out at least half of everything they have in the cabinets and reorganize them in an orderly and presentable way. Buyers will look and see the cabinets all neatly arranged and beautiful and imagine that their things could be placed there in that way.

Hide traces of domestic animals

The pets are charming, but if you have pets at home, do not show it. Not everyone likes pets, and even those who like, like theirs and not know that in addition to people, live animals in the house. Remove the food bowls, the baskets, the food, the sand box…. Clean the house well so that potential buyers do not get the impression or the impression that there is an animal in the house. If you are going to get potential buyers, put your pet in the house of a friend or family member or even in an animal hotel for a few hours.

Do not overdo the house works

Quick and easy arrangements before the sale always give good results. No big deal though. They probably will not be able to reimburse you for the cost of major refurbishment, so it’s usually not worth it. Instead of major renovations, do little things that can make a big difference: paint the walls again, wash the curtains or buy new ones, change the door handles and cabinets, make sure the cabinet doors work flawlessly, cracks in the walls.

Depersonalize the house

One of the most important things you can do when you are selling a home is to depersonalize it. The more personal elements they have in the house, the less they have the potential to sell it, because buyers find it much harder to imagine living in a place personalized to others. Get rid of 1/3 of the things – put them in the garage. This includes family photographs, personal collections or very striking elements of your personality. Put the furniture in a way to maximize the space and the decoration of the place. If you do not know how to dispose of the house in a way that is more “salable” by maximizing space, then it may be important to hire the services of a professional to help you do so.

The kitchen is very important

Know that a large part of the decision to purchase the house relates to the kitchen. If they have a well maintained kitchen and with good appliances the sale of the house is much easier. Sometimes replacing a countertop, painting the cabinets, changing the knobs, buying a new stove, hob, exhaust fan is key to selling the house quickly. If they are going to paint the kitchen, use neutral colors, so that the buyers can visualize it as a blank screen where they can later give their touch. If you have any more money to apply, buy a stainless steel stove, hob and extractor, because if people look luxurious in the kitchen, then the kitchen becomes the benchmark for the whole house.

Always be available

Although you may have received some buyers but have not received any counter-offer, do not give up. Always be available to show the house to potential buyers as often as necessary. The house has to be displayed to be sold. Whenever they show the house, it has to be in perfect condition, so no dishes in the sink, or dirty clothes on display, or dirt. The house must always be clean and impeccable from a smelling bathroom, to a clean kitchen, to beds made, to clean floors and tidy closets.