Tips to sell a property in a static market

Generally when a district is fashionable, it is very easy to sell a property, even well above the average price, because there is no shortage of buyers willing to acquire property in these sites, regardless of cost. However, this scenario is reversed when a certain location experiences a slowdown in its real estate dynamics.

We would all like to make a profit when selling our properties with respect to the initial investment disbursed. However, when market conditions are not favorable, we run the risk of losing out.

Know the area where the property is located

This will allow you to know what is the offer of properties in the place and the characteristics of others similar to yours, thus determining the competitive advantages of your property. The above will help you during the sale process, since you can mention to the potential buyers some services and nearby places with which the property has.

Set the price appropriately

While it is true that we all want to obtain the highest possible profit from our initial investment in real estate, the truth is that we cannot set a price that is too high above the average for properties in the area. Knowing how is the offer of the place or contracting the services to make an appraisal of the property will allow us to announce the property with a fair price.

Use the appropriate promotion channels

When an area is in vogue, selling a property is much simpler, reducing to simply announcing the property, receiving calls or emails, scheduling appointments and closing the deal. When a market is not in its best shape, you should give an extra to achieve the sale: use web portals .

Organize an open-house

Organize a small meeting with those interested in buying the property. Tell your neighbors and ask them to circulate the invitation among their friends and acquaintances. Promote the event in local businesses and offer them during the event something in return for both guests and advertisers.

Use a professional

Supporting the services of an expert is an excellent alternative to sell a property when market conditions are not favorable to close a sale. After all, real estate advisors know the right channels to make a sale close. We suggest you review our guide to choose a real estate agent.

Brighten your property

One of the most effective tactics to get a house or an apartment sold when market conditions are not favorable, is to do a superficial remodeling. That is, attack those elements that play against your property that do not involve a considerable investment but are very visible in the eyes of potential buyers.

Highlights the best aspects of the property

When you or the real estate advisor present the property to those interested, we suggest you highlight those elements that are sure to attract the most attention. If there is a pool, do not hesitate to have it working when you show the property; light the fireplace to give the feeling of warmth when presenting the room; Take out the grill and the garden table.

Keep calm

Being patient is key when announcing a property, especially when the market situation does not work in your favor. Keeping a positive attitude will undoubtedly help you to make the wait more tolerable and keep you at the right price to obtain a good profit and at the same time be competitive in the market. With time will come those interested in the property?

Do not wait for more offers

You often hear that when you receive an offer for your property, you wait a little longer, because other better ones are still to come. This applies when a district is fashionable or when the property dynamic is favorable. However, this could be a mistake when market conditions are not ideal. Surely this will be the best offer you have in a long, long time.