10 tips to sell your home

Having a well-decorated home is the key to impressing potential buyers and being able to sell it faster, taking into account that home selling is an increasingly saturated market.

Everything should be in place, perfectly tidy and arranged in a pleasant way. Here are 10 basic tips to make you look good and sell it at a better price and faster:

Give the house a ventilated and spacious look.

Removing quilts or rugs, eliminating clutter and familiar accessories and reducing the furniture to a minimum.

Plan the preparation and decoration of all rooms in the house.

Eliminate anything that is personal, old or damaged or too full. Clean all surfaces thoroughly and then repaint only those pieces that look fabulous.

If you do not have a storage room, you can borrow a friend’s garage and keep the boxes filled with collectibles, books, sports equipment, party decorations, seasonal clothing, toys, shoes, dinnerware and even furniture that is left over. Save in this temporary storage all your personal objects, family photos, religious objects, children’s drawings etc. Thus, not only will advance in the face of your next move (see how to prepare a move), but will manage to clear large areas of the house and cabinets.

Make a list of objects to be repaired.

Look for obvious defects, room by room, to those who are already accustomed but that can spoil the general appearance. For example, the lack of a door handle, a fused light bulb, stains on the walls, a closet door that does not fit well … If you are not an expert or amateur DIY, it is advisable to hire the services of a handyman who does all The small fixes it detects. For Sale

Reorganize the furniture so that the environment is not loaded.

It is important to create a spacious environment, with channels of communication between fluid dependencies. Turn on the lights because the dark areas do not invite you to enter. We must have maximum illumination, with the shutters well raised, the curtains drawn and how many more interior lights better. Before opening the door to potential buyers, turn on all lights and lamps, even in the daytime.

Create a cozy entry, the first impressions is very important.

Invest time and, if necessary, money in conditioning the porch and the front door. Wash the door – even repaint it to shine. Scrub the floor, replace the knob if it is too old, and decorate the entrance with large pots (for more ideas see How to create a lobby)

Take special care of the bathroom and kitchen.

Both sites should shine for cleanliness. Clean well the tiles, remove signs of moisture or mold in the joints, put new and unused towels in the bathroom and toilet, remove all the utinselios of the view in the kitchen and clear this and the bathroom of all the accessories in General (see how to decorate a bathroom and reform a kitchen with little budget).

Pets can distort the sale process.

There are people who feel terror or repulsion by dogs, cats or even caged birds, or who suffer from very annoying allergies when they are around. Although we love animals to ourselves, if we want to maximize the “vent ability” of our house, it is advisable to have these allergies or phobias in mind and take our pets to a neighbor’s or a family member’s house whenever we teach the home to potential buyers.

Aromatize the house with pleasant aromas to enhance the sense of well-being.

If we like to cook, the smell of bread or freshly made cookies (or being made in the oven) is an odor reminiscent of childhood and produces pleasant sensations. If not, then fresh flowers also smell very good, or baskets of pot pour distributed throughout the house.

Prepare corners that invite relaxation and rest.

Selling a home is stressful, but finding a home to buy also wears out a lot, and your potential buyers will appreciate a few touches of peace, order and cordiality.