5 hurdles put by house sellers and affect the sale

No one would think that there are difficult sellers because it is assumed that everyone who puts their home up for sale will do everything in their power to achieve their goal, which most often is to sell their property as quickly as possible and best price.

But no, the story is not so simple and all of us in the industry know that “there are salesmen … and there are salesmen,” as one colleague said each time he met one of them, who by the way seemed to attract like a magnet.

These are not those who demand their rights, those who are demanding or those who seek to have the best business for their property all that is just. What it is about is that there are sellers who become the biggest obstacle for the sale to be achieved.

If you are selling your home, either on your own, independent of an agent, or if you have hired a professional expert, you play a key role and you must be a facilitator. So avoid the following mistakes that can cost you the business:

  1. Put many obstacles to show the property. Although ideally the property is always available, it is usual, especially when they are busy, that you have to make appointments or give notice at least one day in advance. But there are salespeople who tell you that they cannot show it in the week because they work, but they are also difficult to show on weekends, the question is then when can they see it?
  2. Give length to the offers received. When an offer is received it is necessary to see it quickly, to evaluate it and to answer accepting or not, or doing against offer. It depends on the place where you live, there could be a maximum period to answer and if it is not done, it is lost. As a seller you must be attentive to the calls of your agent or your potential buyers and answer in the period established by the contract.
  3. Not available to answer questions from stakeholders or agents. That is part of your responsibilities as a seller, be accessible and answer any questions that may create the process. That way you facilitate the sale.
  4. Do not provide in time the documents required to proceed with the sale or do not sign the documents. Signing the option contract is not the only thing, during the process of buying the sale you will need other documents and you must provide information to the selling party. Doing it on time will avoid delays in the loan or the sale of the sale in general, and not only that, not delivering everything when it has to be could cancel the sale and have penalties. This includes ensuring that the property is open for inspection, for the walk-through or final walk and that you will be in time to sign the closing at the set time.
  5. Be inflexible and not be willing to negotiate anything. It is true that for you the sale of your house has to be a good business, but also the buyer wants it to be for him. Then you must understand that it is a process on both sides and be willing to at least listen to the requests of buyers, and in many cases, to evaluate and accept them. Maybe you have not decided to leave the furniture, the buyers want it and if they offer you a good price, it is worth the thought; In other cases they will ask for some arrangements to offer you the full amount and most commonly ask for price reduction, although in this market sellers do not have to accept unless you have a price above the real value.