6 tips to sell a house

At last it seems that the real estate market is reviving and that the possibilities increase that floor that long ago want to put on sale. However, remember that there are still hundreds of thousands of “cold” homes and that you have some competitors that play with advantages. That is why it is fundamental that you align your marketing strategies to achieve your goal. Here are some simple yet effective tips for selling a home.


With the changes of regulation, now to sell a house is mandatory that has its corresponding Certificate of Energy Efficiency , in addition to being a formal requirement, is a competitive advantage over many other homes that have not processed, especially if the Energy rating is A, B or C. It would be good to consider some reforms that raise this assessment.


Not all of us have the capacity to imagine an environment that has already been refurbished and decorated, which is why you must order and beautify the house as much as you can. The first impression has an important effect on the decision to buy a house. Dedicate a small budget for this: do a deep cleaning, save the old objects in the store or donate them, make sure that all lights and taps work well, paint the walls, and when it’s all ready, decorate with indoor plants And cut flowers, this will bring the touch of freshness and nature.


Currently if you do not promote your home in several specialized Internet portals you are unlikely to be able to sell it. Make lots of pictures of each environment of the house and publish only the best, will facilitate the task of selling a house.


Keep in mind that in the real estate market there are potential foreign clients, not just the usual buyers, who are looking for sun and beach. In these cases it is important that you publish the advertisement in your language and, if possible, on websites in their respective countries. If you do not know languages, hire a translator recommended, thus avoiding an automated translation that in many cases is not effective to sell a house.


Price is one of the most important elements when selling or buying a home, and buyers are indifferent to how much money you originally purchased or how much you need for your future plans. What they are going to take into account is what is the price of similar flats (new and used), and will end up choosing the one that offers the best value for money. Check the prices of your area and stay within a reasonable range to sell a house.