Advantages of hiring a real estate agent

Contrary to the idea that hiring a real estate agent is unnecessary and expensive, here you will distinguish several advantages that will surely convince you.

Buying or selling a house is an arduous task that requires a lot of time and dedication: some people take months to sell a property if they do it on their own; Even if they advertise property in the newspaper or internet sites are likely to not reach a large number of potential buyers.

Of all the work that involves selling or buying a house is handled by a real estate agent or real estate adviser; unfortunately, there is the widespread and mistaken idea that hiring their services involves spending a fortune. Below are some advantages of hiring an advisor so that your home is sold as soon and in the best way possible.


It is completely true that you can sell your property without the intervention of an agent, but the reality is that this option is best for you when you already have a secure buyer and an entirely legal transaction. On the other hand, if you do not have an insured buyer, the best thing you can do is hire an agent because he will give you an influx of people interested in your property, making it more attractive and, therefore, easier to sell.

When hiring an agent, obviously you will have to pay your commission, but contrary to what many people think, it is not a large amount of money: regularly the agent charges 5 or 6% of the total sale of the house. That amount includes a constant presence and resonant in the real estate market: a space in the MLS (the system used by all agents of real state and members of the Board of Realtors to know which houses are for sale).

This way your house is seen by thousands of people and if the seller knows someone who is interested in the characteristics of your house it is sure to take you to know it. This point is very important because an agent has contact with many people who are sure to look for something like what you offer. It is not the same as offering your house in a newspaper or in Silo with an advertisement and few people see him to be in the MLS and start talking about your property in the market.

In addition all agents have a list called listing agent where it says for how many days the house is being sold, if the price has gone up or down, if there have been offers, in short, all the information that is needed to move it in the market. This is a huge advantage as there will be many more potential buyers than if you advertise on your own.

On the other hand, if you are renting a house and your landlord wants to sell it, you do not need a real estate advisor for this step, but to do all the paperwork and streamline the entire process. Agents can also help you buy a house much faster because you do not need to have a perfect credit or very high income to make of your estate.

Another function they play is to enter the application for the loan, to find the way that you contribute a very low down payment, to give you a letter of pre-approval of credit so that you can visit new houses and have access to them to buy the one you like most with The backing of securing a credit to pay it.

As you can see, the advantages of hiring a real estate agent are several and very important. Remember that they are here to make your life much easier, especially at such a momentous moment as the purchase or sale of a property. Find in them the perfect support so that you have a patrimony for you and your family and do not be afraid to contract its services.