Buying or selling a quick house

At the end of the holiday we put our batteries in the decisions we make during the summer: quitting smoking, signing up for the gym, learning English, getting divorced … and even buying, renting or selling a house.

The  knowledge of the market  of real estate professionals, legal changes and  financing conditions  that exist at the time of the operation, along with the psychological processes involved in a negotiation, are basic for the transmission of a home is a satisfactory experience Both for the buyer and for the seller.


Everything you need to know when you buy a home

To help all those who are thinking of buying a second-hand home, idealist has summarized some basic tips like searching the internet and using mobile applications, going to real estate professionals, asking for an appraisal or comparing the price the landlord asks for Of the market.

7 keys to choose a new or second hand home

Buying a home is one of the biggest investments of most citizens, so it is highly recommended to weigh well the type of house you want. It is important to know where the property is located, if you need reforms or what taxes are to be paid. Currently the used housing is cheaper than the new one and it supports minor taxes but the new work does not need reforms and one can enter to live from the first day

Useful tips for negotiating the price

In many home buying and selling operations, the buyer has room to negotiate the price. It is possible to submit offers 10% below the value requested by the seller, but always with a reason to back it up. It is also important to have the most available information from the seller, such as knowing through the Registry if the house is repossessed or if you take out a mortgage.

The formula for buying a property and not paying taxes

When buying a property, it is normal to pay VAT, if it is new, or ITP (Property Transfer Tax), if it is second-hand. However, the law allows you to acquire a property and not pay any of these taxes. Of course, only in certain circumstances because the property is going to be used for a business and that both the buyer and the seller are businessmen or professionals.

Fixed or variable mortgage, what is best for you?

With the Euribor at historic lows and lending at a cheaper rate than ever before,the mortgaged are facing a real dilemma: which alternative is better: a variable or fixed loan? Experts remember that the answer depends on factors such as the amount of money that each client needs or the term in which they will repay the loan.

These are the must-have questions to ask before signing a mortgage

Buying a home is one of the most important decisions in a person’s life. And usually it is usually carried out with bank financing. Regardless of the amount to apply for, it is advisable to ask a series of questions to hire a mortgage with full knowledge of its clauses and its commissions. It is important to know if the loan has a floor clause, if it establishes a commission for early cancellation or what bindings it has.

The expenses that are not usually taken into account when buying a home

When buying a home, with a mortgage or without a mortgage, it is necessary to have a “plus” of money saved to face the payment of additional expenses, such as those generated by the notary, the Property Registry or the appraisal of the house. Expert’s advice having savings close to 10% of the value of the house to deal with “success” these added costs.


Practical advice for selling your home

If you are thinking of selling your house, do not miss these useful tips. Lowering the price may be a solution, but it is not always enough to sell the house. It is also important to take care of the presentation of the property, announce the flat on the Internet with photos, videos and a good description, and ask for help from a real estate agency.

9 key questions to choose from your real estate agent

When it comes to selling your home it is important that you know which real estate agency to go to. In order to facilitate the sale process, it is advisable to use a real estate agent who provides a comprehensive service, such as appraising the home, knowing the legal issues, doing market research, or also giving a personal treatment and involving the operation.

The most typical mistakes made when selling a home

Now that the real estate market is reviving many homeowners take the opportunity to raise the price of the home they want to sell. But you have to be careful because the recovery is not homogeneous and this will only serve to keep prospective buyers away. Another error that can give to the fret the operation is to hide information on the real situation of the property.

How to make good photos so that buyers do not flee in terror

Turning on all the lights in the house, not taking a picture of a window or taking photos to clean rooms are some of the tips that you will find in the tutorial that has prepared you idealistic so you can make the best photos and videos to your home with a few simple tips. Having lots of good photos is fundamental to being able to sell or rent your home.

The most used topics in real estate ads … and what people really think

In the advertisements for home sales no longer the typical words like “ideal couples”, “better to see” or “very bright interior”. Future owners are looking for more than just nice words. They want to see photos, videos and, above all, sincerity.

How does the municipal goodwill or the tax that every landlord who sells has to pay for housing

The tax on the increase of the value of the land of goods of urban nature, or old municipal surplus value, has established its tax structure in the arts. 104 to 110 of the consolidated text of the Local Estates Act, approved by Royal Legislative Decree 2/2004 of 5 March. This is a direct tax whose purpose is to tax the increase in the value of the real estate that is generated during the period in which it belongs to the transferor, and which becomes evident at the time of its transmission either a sale, inheritance or donation

The five free apps that you cannot miss on your smartphone if you sell a house

Being up to date in technology can make it much easier for anyone who wants to sell a home. Information and service searches from mobile devices are growing at a rate of 400% since 2010, so it is important to take advantage of the new smartphone and tablet applications. There are all kinds of measurement, valuation of real estate, to make plans, calculate mortgages and even develop and sign contracts.