Houses empty or furnished, which is the best option for a quick sale

Empty or furnished houses: what is the best option for a quick sale?

When you go to sell your house you have to teach it, first photographically in the ads, and then physically visiting the property itself. The better the impression the buyer takes, the better options you will have for sale. But many people seeing an empty house have difficulty imagining how it will be once furnished. Visual and spatial skills are generated in the right hemisphere of the brain, and to different people, different abilities.

It is also a fact that an empty room at all seems smaller than furnished, at the same time less cozy and colder. This is why promoters who sell many homes often make a “sample” floor, furnished and decorated to help decide a part of their customers.

Empty or furnished houses: what is the best option for a quick sale?

So, to reach all audiences and make a sale faster, it will be much more effective to leave our home furnished. If we cannot do it will be advisable to take some photos before emptying it, in case you can help us with a particular visitor. In addition, the furniture can hide small defects in the house.

But not any furniture will be positive for sale. A house too full of furniture may seem smaller. If we have too many personal items in sight, the visitor will feel uncomfortable and may not dare to check the interior condition of the closets or the dressing room. Obviously, a decoration that is very old fashioned or that is in bad taste will not help us at all.

Empty or furnished houses: what is the best option for a quick sale?

What steps to take then? Let’s think about what we would like as buyers. We want to see a clean, aseptic, modern, beautiful, as wide as possible … This technique, born in the United States, allows us to make our house a desirable standard for most. Making a small investment makes the home no more beautiful, but more suitable and desirable for the buyer.

Check your home with critical eyes and remove any excess or poor furniture, remove personal items, clean it well, and repair the most obvious defects. A hand of paint and powerful bulbs will also help. If you have an empty room, you can choose simple furniture, even cardboard or borrow it from a friend.