How to find a good real estate agent


  1. Meet the agents in your work environment, not your offices. Good agents spend very little time on their desks.
  2. Make sure the agent has closed many properties and worked for some years. The real estate agent closes average only 1 or 2 homes a year. The more sales you have, the more experience you have.
  3. A good place to meet the agents is at the exhibitions. Do not worry if you are not interested in a particular property. The agent knows that the exhibits rarely incite a buyer to buy that particular house, use the exhibits as a tool to find buyers.
  4. Another method is to get in touch with an agent with whom a friend or relative has done business. If that agent has produced positive results for a friend, there is a good chance he will do the same for you.
  5. Make sure your agent is online. Having an agent on the web is very important today as 85% of all buyers initially see their homes online. Large agents have laptops, and have often moved to mobile technology to help themselves. A real estate agent in the world today should send emails, text messages, and will be available to buyers and sellers alike.
  6. Interview with several agents. If you are looking for a buying agent or agent seller. Remember, however, the agents will tell you what you want to hear. Make sure you are not selling a dream alliance … you want to hire a real estate agent. Do not sign a buyer’s agreement form before looking for property (you must feel free to build trust with a real estate agent after several hours of looking before signing anything).
  7. Look for signs that the agent is busy. A hard-working and ambitious agent is a good agent. Be careful, sometimes they are too busy. A real estate agent can only work effectively with about half a dozen buyers and sellers than a dozen at a given time to give the time needed to a buyer. If you happen to an “assistant”, switch to another agent who will give you their time.
  8. It is important that your agent is well informed. Ask about the things you have learned through your new interest in real estate. If you do not know more than you know, after all, this is your livelihood! Look for an agent who is more experienced. Local knowledge is particularly critical, especially in urban settings.
  9. It is important to have an excellent agent if you are going to buy a home for the first time. They must have experience and be able to guide you through the complexities of the information process, including lender that you will have to provide. The loan process has become much more demanding and complex in 2010.
  10. See how MLS agent ads go up in searches. When listing in the current market, all ads from small to large should have professional photos – this is the first sign of a professional real estate agent who understands the current market.
  11. Notice how much prestige the agent has before his colleagues. You will want to work with an agent who connects and works with other agents. Experienced agents tend to know the other agents in the area and have a good working relationship with them. This tends to turn into good transactions.
  12. Check the references that an agent is able to offer you. Ask the other real estate agents if they know who the other agent is, and whether they respect them as a real estate agent.
  13. Ask your agent where he lives. An agent who lives and works locally will have his finger on the pulse of the market and will be able to answer important questions about the community. They should, as a minimum, know the schools where they work. This is especially important in large cities.
  14. Question: “Can you recommend service providers who can help me in obtaining a mortgage, doing repairs at my house, and have done other things that I need?” Keep in mind here that a real estate agent should generally recommend more than a provider and not receive any kind of compensation (ethical issues tend to arise when this happens).
  15. Ask for how long the real estate agent has been working full time. It’s not that new agents are not capable, it’s simply a factor in making an informed decision. Many “expert” agents are not always the best option either. Especially if they have not kept up with technology
  16. Ask her if she is a real estate agent full time. Is this your only job? You must demand a full-time agent.
  17. Ask them who is working on the transaction, the buyer or the seller (a realtor almost always works for the seller, and they tend to negotiate as a seller.)
  18. Ask “How will you keep me informed about the progress of my transaction? How often? With what means? ” Again, this is not a question with a correct answer, but it reflects your wishes.


  • Do not expect an agent to call you after leaving a message, wait for a call within 24 hours or a reasonable amount of time, depending on the situation.
  • Do not call your realtor after 9 pm or so. They have a personal life.
  • This is the most important transaction of your life, an experienced real estate agent does this every day and understands the issues that arise during the process. Try to keep the picture in mind.
  • Your home or the house you are buying is a commodity. Supply and demand within a neighborhood play an important role in pricing and the timing of a sale. Try not to become too emotionally involved in the purchase / sale of the property.
  • See some properties in the same area to get an idea of ​​the prices of homes in your neighborhood. This will help to avoid being completely blind regarding the price when you go to an agent.
  • Work with a local market expert. There are real estate agents who specialize in working within a specific community. Even if you have a real estate agent that you want, you can be better served by a real estate agent who knows the area well and can advise you about adverse local market conditions that a foreigner cannot take into account.
  • If you are a buyer you will want to work with buying agents (also known as buyer broker.) Know your interests are protected in the transaction. Similarly, if you are a seller you want to work with someone who has experience in representing the seller, and the buyer gets the most qualified in the best net profit. Not all agents are skilled at working with buyers or sellers, so it is necessary to ask for details.