How to prepare your house to receive buyers

An Open House day to receive buyers is like the first date, you have only a few minutes to make a good impression. In an Open House the potential buyers will be at home a few minutes and then move on to another property. But if your house makes a good impression you will get those prospects to see it in more detail and consider it at the time of making a purchase decision. These are the most important points to keep in mind when preparing for an Open House.

Depersonalize your home.

When a buyer walks a property, he is trying to visualize his family, children and the lifestyle they lead in that particular home.

Take a day to depersonalize your home, remove family photos, pack trophies and artwork from children hung in the refrigerator. Also do not forget religious articles, political affiliations or any other particular item that may displease the average buyer.

Clean, clean and clean

Every seller knows that a clean house has more options to get an offer, but an exceptionally clean house can make a very good impression on buyers. Spend a weekend to do an intensive cleaning, snap windows, clean the garage floor, and clean drawers and cabinets inside and out.

Before finishing, review the following areas to which buyers pay special attention:

  • Blinds
  • Carpets & Rugs
  • External areas
  • Garage
  • Closets
  • Water Heater and Air Conditioning
  • Mosquitoes or animals inside the house
  • Powdered shelves

Prepare your patio

While some potential buyers watch the yard from the inside of the house, others will come out and try to visualize themselves in the yard, resting or watching the children play. To help them in that visualization, spend a day cleaning the yard, mowing the lawn, removing weeds and arranging the inviting furniture. If your Open House is on the day, place refreshments and glasses for visitors.

Prepare a warm and welcoming atmosphere

The day before the “Open House” after cleaning and preparing the house, create a cozy atmosphere with things as simple as a flower arrangement or fresh herbs. A basket with fruits in the kitchen will brighten the space.

And if you want to go a little further, frame your windows with curtains, place cushions in cheerful colors on sofas and beds. Having a touch of color and the softness of the fabrics will help you create a cozy atmosphere.

Ask for guidance from your realtor

Finally, do not forget to ask you Agent, who will combine your experience, knowledge of the current trends and the special characteristics of your house and prepare it for your “Open House”.