How to sell my house

If you are urged to sell and do not want to rent the house, follow these tips:

  • The price is determined by comparing properties of similar characteristics, where according to these characteristics can be the surface, the number of bathrooms and bedrooms, if you have a garage, if you have a terrace, patio, pool, etc. If it is newer or if it is renovated, if it is very well located, if you have an excellent view, if you are close to shopping malls, places of leisure and entertainment, schools, hospitals, among other characteristics that modify the value of housing.
  • It determines a very competitive sale price so that it can stand out in the real estate market.
  • The large real estate agencies recommend the sale of the apartment or house fully furnished and equipped so that the potential buyer can quickly move. In addition a house that is ready to move in, with a tasteful decoration and a modern style, attracts much more to the buyer.
  • The aesthetics of the house plays a very important role in the decision of the buyer. He thinks that he does not want to buy a house to have to do repairs and great works, he simply wants a house to move and occupy it.
  • Making renovations prior to putting it on sale is highly beneficial since the value of the property increases and also the impact that the property generates on the buyer, which is very positive.
  • Imagine that you visit an empty house and another furnished and decorated with very good style, surely you would incline to the second option, since you perceive it as a home and with all its potential in sight.
  • Something important is to neutralize housing when buyers arrive to visit it, for example removing political or religious objects that could negatively influence the buyer’s decision or generate controversy. The neutralization makes the property much more salable since the buyer can feel the home as his own.
  • Finally, you have to take into account the type of advertising that we are going to make, real estate agencies know that it is better to advertise a home on the Internet.
  • Advertising on the Web has more advantages and disadvantages, it is cheaper, it is simpler, it reaches more people and more specifically the target audience that we want to reach, and also you can prepare a very complete advertisement and get qualified buyers.