The Real Estate

Many people think this is an easy-to-practice profession, and they estimate that the activity is reduced to putting the property owner in contact with a buyer, signing scripts, and charging a substantial commission, devoting a few hours to this job. Actually, many people get into the Real Estate business with this thought.

How far from the reality are those who think so! That is why many enter into this business but few stay and stay in it. This is one of the most sacrificed professions that require more constancy, more optimism, and more faith in oneself, more dedication, more hours of work, more courage, more academic preparation and more strength of spirit to endure difficulties, frustrations, Disillusionment and ingratitude.

As the name of our profession indicates, we are real runners, we spend our lives hanging on the clock, with our foot on the accelerator, with our ears on the phone and talking nonstop, arguing, talking, offering, negotiating and trying to close sale.

Almost all professions have their limited hours of work, where they work with a schedule that is imposed by the professional, from 8:30 am to 5:30 pm, for example. Successful Real Estate Brokers do not have fixed times, nor hourly limits. They have to work at the expense of the client’s schedule and convenience, at the times and times when the client is available and, above all, not tired and know how to wait, follow up on a started business and insist a lot.

The profession of Real Estate broker is a real career for life, if you want to live decently of it. It only begins, in an incipient way, when studying, taking a preparatory course, passing the exam and obtaining the license of Real Estate broker. From then on, begins the true odyssey that is the practice of the profession, full of continuous effort, tensions and struggles, so many people bend their knees, give up and do not stay in the profession, Which is the most difficult of it.

In order to be a spiritual, commercial and successful success in the profession of real estate broker, it is essential first of all to have a commitment to oneself not to let oneself be overcome, a commitment to the community to serve you through our service and a great Faith in God and in oneself.

It is not easy to rely exclusively on commissions, personal production, daily work and sales. To see sometimes how a business escapes us that we have worked intensely for a long time, or when a customer to whom we have given all our service, which we have pleased and attended to, suddenly leaves us with a competitor. As we are human, this situation can affect us, but the successful runner will persist with optimism and take the setback as an experience from which we must learn a lesson.

Despite all the difficulties, those of us who have remained for life as Realtors we feel many satisfactions and joys and compensations sentimental and economic. There is no deeper thrill in a real seller than when you close a sale. This culmination represents an illusion made reality, which fills with joy. It is difficult to explain our joy when we find the appropriate home for a family in need of housing and this family lives happily in it.

Of course, the economic success of those who work hard, those who do not give up, those who excel in education and maintain enthusiasm, is also a tremendous incentive, a great incentive, because you can achieve magnificent income in this profession and Live comfortably.

The successful broker is not only the one who earns the most commissions: he is one who keeps in mind the spirit of customer service, who takes care of both the seller and the buyer, who is a good companion and helps others, who accepts responsibilities, Challenges, that he consults with his superiors, is always ready to learn more of his profession, that he listens, that he is a tenacious optimist and, as an essential virtue, he is a business closer and not a charlatan.