Tips for selling your house

A real estate agent specializing in the sale of luxury homes in Baltimore, publishes a list of 25 tips to help you sell your home. Well, it stresses the importance of giving a good impression to whoever visits the house, let you advice on the operation and, above all, remember that as for the price.

The list is part of a new campaign of Marketing organized by remora between the neighbors of the morale (Baltimore), who have received an advice each that they rent a video film in one of the video clubs of the municipality. Idealist news publishes the compilation of all promoter tips so you can take advantage of them:

  1. When selling your home, excess furniture, pictures, books or boxes distract attention, a house that works does the doorbell work well? And the heating? Does the water reach the bathrooms and kitchens? Do doors and windows close properly? When selling your home, what you spend on these details will recover in the price and in the period of sale.
  2. Greed breaks the bag to help sell your home, do not select a real estate agency at the top of your appraisal. The market is very stubborn. If the price is high, you will lose time and sales opportunities.
  3. Do not buy before selling. As good as the opportunity may be! The market offers many options to buy and the delay in the sale of your house can bring you serious concerns.
  4. Let yourself be advised to sell a house it is important that we adapt it to the taste of the possible buyer. Let yourself be advised on the details of decoration.
  5. Eye with internet the real estate portals show the initial price requested by the owner, not the price at which is actually sold. Only the real estate agencies know the prices at which recent sales are closing.
  6. The beauty is also in the interior when it comes to selling your house, do not forget flowers in sight, exterior walls and pavements in good condition. A well-kept garden can change our mood and the potential buyers (or tenants) who visit your home.
  7. A striking flowers, for example, are advisable at the entrance of dwelling. Well towels folded in the sink. A basket of fruit in the kitchen. A blanket on the TV armchair. Clean crystals. New curtains and blinds.
  8. A coffee? If you are going to sell your house, the aroma of coffee, bread or baking sponge will help to see your home as a home and not just as a property for sale. On the contrary, it is not recommended the smell of strong food.
  9. A pleasant visit when selling your address, do not delay the conversations during the visit. It seeks to respond to the interests and questions of the buyer. Do not go for long explanations. Do not deny the obvious. Consider whether your presence is necessary during the visit or if the agency can show the house well without you. The interested party tends to be more sincere and relaxed if the owner is not present.
  10. A warm welcome if you want to sell your house and get a visit, everyone should be prepared. No one should be surprised in his room or lying down watching TV. If the conversation lengthens, avoid it in the garage or in a cold or dark place. Prolongs the talk or the negotiation in the most pleasant stay.
  11. Do the numbers well the euros are only worth what you can buy with them. Selling below the price you bought, does not always mean losing. The same amount of money can have a very different value in a relatively short period. A euro today is worth more than three years ago. Think about it.
  12. The first impression is the one that counts. You will only have one chance to make a good impression. That’s why the first visit of a customer to your home is vital to generate a second. Make the most of it and make the whole game at home.
  13. A little help is always good In the United States there are specialized companies, called Home Staging, which aims to prepare the houses for sale. Sometimes just a relocation of the furniture and some small change generates a great advantage for the dwelling.
  14. Eye to the cupboards Potential buyers like to see what the cabinets are like inside. Keeping them well-organized will create a good effect and, in addition, will facilitate your move.
  15. Invest to sell? Two identical houses can vary up to 15% their selling price or rent, depending on their state of presentation. Spending a little before putting it on sale can mean a lot in the final value.
  16. Proper maintenance if your home is empty, make sure it stays clean throughout the entire process, that doors, windows and blinds open without difficulty and that the lights work properly. Be sure to ventilate at least every week – and pay close attention to the good condition of your garden.
  17. Buy by impulse? When a high-level property is sold or rented, emotions play a vital role in making decisions. It is said that we buy with 30% of reason and 70% of heart.
  18. Distinguish the important the location of a property is vital to establish its price, but it is something we cannot change. So we must focus on the other factors that we can influence when they visit our house: light, general atmosphere and aesthetics are aspects to which we must pay attention.
  19. Pleasant temperature it is ok to be ecological and save on heating or air conditioning, but if you receive a visit, make an exception, the buyer deserves it. The house should be as pleasant as possible.
  20. Avoid stories, it is better for the buyer to see things as they are imagined. It is better to see the crystals clean than to say that the glass comes tomorrow. It is better not to see a dampness than to say that tomorrow they come to fix it.