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Getting started with a real estate agent

It is believed that to succeed in the real estate business can only entrepreneurial people. They have a good vision for business. But the main thing is to have a goal that must be achieved and progress towards this goal. Then your business will be a success. Well, if you’re sociable, discreet, and able to […]

Houses empty or furnished, which is the best option for a quick sale

Empty or furnished houses: what is the best option for a quick sale? When you go to sell your house you have to teach it, first photographically in the ads, and then physically visiting the property itself. The better the impression the buyer takes, the better options you will have for sale. But many people […]

How to buy city land

Navigate through layers of municipal processes to acquire land owned by the city. Local governments offer land through auctions and special programs. Determine your needs as a future landlord to choose the property and program that best suits your goals. Instructions Identify the characteristics you want on a property in the city. Consider location, land […]

How to advertise a home for sale quickly and safely

When we focus on the techniques we should use to advertise home for sale, one of the first things we must keep in mind is that we can count on several tools, such as Internet use, to achieve a more successful dissemination of our message, so the business closes in less time and with better […]

How to find a good real estate agent

Instruction Meet the agents in your work environment, not your offices. Good agents spend very little time on their desks. Make sure the agent has closed many properties and worked for some years. The real estate agent closes average only 1 or 2 homes a year. The more sales you have, the more experience you […]

8 Important steps when selling your home

Check the terms of amortization of your mortgage. Before selling your home, check the conditions of the mortgage you have contracted. In particular, you should find out the cancellation or early repayment of the mortgage. Also evaluate the possibility of subrogation of the mortgage of your home. The goal is to get an idea of […]

How to prepare your house to receive buyers

An Open House day to receive buyers is like the first date, you have only a few minutes to make a good impression. In an Open House the potential buyers will be at home a few minutes and then move on to another property. But if your house makes a good impression you will get […]

7 tips to sell your house easily

Do not know how to set up your house to sell it? Do you know what aspects you should take care to put your home on sale? We bring you 7 tips to sell your house easily, take a pen and notepad and take note: Nice and kept pictures: one of the most important aspects […]

6 tips to sell a house

At last it seems that the real estate market is reviving and that the possibilities increase that floor that long ago want to put on sale. However, remember that there are still hundreds of thousands of “cold” homes and that you have some competitors that play with advantages. That is why it is fundamental that […]

5 Tips to sell your house in a short time

If you are thinking of selling your house, the high season to sell it is approaching, however it is important to do certain things to ensure a quick sale. Real estate experts say that the three key factors to selling a house in a short time are location, correct price and appearance. If you do […]