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8 Important steps when selling your home

Check the terms of amortization of your mortgage. Before selling your home, check the conditions of the mortgage you have contracted. In particular, you should find out the cancellation or early repayment of the mortgage. Also evaluate the possibility of subrogation of the mortgage of your home. The goal is to get an idea of […]

How to prepare your house to receive buyers

An Open House day to receive buyers is like the first date, you have only a few minutes to make a good impression. In an Open House the potential buyers will be at home a few minutes and then move on to another property. But if your house makes a good impression you will get […]

7 tips to sell your house easily

Do not know how to set up your house to sell it? Do you know what aspects you should take care to put your home on sale? We bring you 7 tips to sell your house easily, take a pen and notepad and take note: Nice and kept pictures: one of the most important aspects […]

6 tips to sell a house

At last it seems that the real estate market is reviving and that the possibilities increase that floor that long ago want to put on sale. However, remember that there are still hundreds of thousands of “cold” homes and that you have some competitors that play with advantages. That is why it is fundamental that […]

5 Tips to sell your house in a short time

If you are thinking of selling your house, the high season to sell it is approaching, however it is important to do certain things to ensure a quick sale. Real estate experts say that the three key factors to selling a house in a short time are location, correct price and appearance. If you do […]

5 Tips to quickly sell your home

While the current economic situation is a factor that must be taken into account, there are certain aspects that must be taken into account when making the decision to sell your property. First impression is very important A shabby home that has moisture, stains on the walls, loose ceramic or porcelain tiles and other missing, […]

How to sell my house

If you are urged to sell and do not want to rent the house, follow these tips: The price is determined by comparing properties of similar characteristics, where according to these characteristics can be the surface, the number of bathrooms and bedrooms, if you have a garage, if you have a terrace, patio, pool, etc. […]

Real estate agent requirements

If you relish the idea of becoming a real estate agent, ask yourself what is the motivation. If you only move money and search for an easy profession, keep looking, this is not. But if you like customer service, you are hardworking, creative and persevering, you could find a good option for you. In the […]

5 hurdles put by house sellers and affect the sale

No one would think that there are difficult sellers because it is assumed that everyone who puts their home up for sale will do everything in their power to achieve their goal, which most often is to sell their property as quickly as possible and best price. But no, the story is not so simple […]

Enrolling in Section 8 housing

Section 8 is a program offered by the Department of Housing and Urban Development, also known as HUD. Through HUD low income families obtain financial vouchers to offset the cost of renting or buying a home. To receive assistance from HUD, you must register in Section 8 housing through local public housing agency (PHA). Instructions Contact the PHA to […]